Wednesday, January 13, 2010


HEllo guys!! Sorry for the late update of my blog.. (confessing that Im not a true blogger)..hehehe

First of all I would like to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!{even though already 13days)

First thing:
I would like to announce that I withdrawn from UTAR....kinda sad..but well I never regret what Im doing now. For sure you guys telling why Im giving up and etc..but I know myself well.

The truth is that I already tried my super duper best to coup up my study last semester but it ait enough. Bcs of that my GPA is gone and therefore no more PTPTN...(bcm poor d ;P and basically now is financial prob for my family since my mom resigned from her job...

Right now, for sure you guys heard rumours that Im going to work at Sg..hehe...and as a auxiliary police officer. (currently waiting for their call to make work permit and health screening) Im glad that ambition almost achieve (to bcm police officer)..hehe... But dont worry guys, Im gonna take my degree for sure..might be psychology..hehe..everything at set up and prepared( thanks to my beloved cousins who had help me alot..YOU ARE THE BEST COUSIN).

Second thing:
Right now Im obsessed with my weight again..haizz...pantang only if I lose weight all started when I stayed with my cousin at Singapore..." dah kurus la..makan lebih sikit..tak cukup tu..makan lebih sikit.." Feeding me like non-stop and therefore I gained 2kg...huhu..after that when I reached Malaysia..I GAINED MORE....(but currently I back to my schedule) is above 75kg (not to be specific)..hehe

Third thing:
A lot of things happened during these past few beloved aunty passed away because of the stupid hospital. She actually undergoes treatments for anus tumor at Putra Specialist Hospital (Malacca)..alot of things happened after the surgery..Complications occurred and the stupid docs said that there is nothing can be done. DAAAAAAAAAA....its just small surgery (only stage 2tumor{got 4stage of tumor}). The complications is that there is leaking at the BLADDER.. What are u doing doc!!! And she died bcs of contamination on her organs (from leaking bladder to kidney failure to lung infection to heart problem). We took post mortem and there is evidence that there is misconduct during the first surgery...damn..but cannot sue the doc bcs of other prob..
As for now, my uncle got throat just pop up out of no where...His last medical check up was last two months and now suddenly come out cancer...even my grandma cannot take it..haizz...stressed up man...but its in the genetic bcs my family got throat cancer history...this is bcs of SMOKING!!! HAHA...thank goodness Im not a smoker and I hate smokes..

Fourth thing:
And this is about my love TS song..hehe...well actually I myself admit that I got into a unofficial relationship but the thing is that suddenly only XY changed mind ." We are so far and we didt even meet we dont have any relationship." WTH...after all the sweet promises...haizz..what to do..
buat pepatah melayu..."Itulah suratan takdir"

But someone approaching me...haha..not to mention...another country punya charm until go kidding only. XXY approached me last three days and said ** misses me and fall for me..wakaka...and almost chat with me every minutes..haha..LOVE AT FIRST you believe in that??

More to update about is not the right guys will shock..haha


Unknown said...

omg! a policeman in singapore? awesomeness :D
i wish u all the best in life, and i hope you can reach your dreams without too much of hardships!

draGOnIC88 said...

haha...thankss are u now btw...

Unknown said...

so far, i'm good lah.
still alive kira blessing d xD

Unknown said...

study criminal psychology la, if u can get bachelor they will give u the inspector pangkat straight without have to go through the sekolah latihan police...

draGOnIC88 said...

wa..really r..haha..thankz...might take either one of them thou..hehehe...gambateh to me!!! kakaka

Ash Godiva said...

hello..found your blog from eric's blog...about the google about B17...the info might help you:D