Tuesday, July 28, 2009

THingS ThaT HaPPen iN JUst 4 DaYs of My liFE

yoyoyo!!! Sorry for not updating my blog recently...kinda busy with my tight schedule for my midterm..hehehe...

Well alot of things happen 4 days before...haiz...Last Sunday, on the way back to Kampar my bus broke down..the engine came out alot of smoke....hehehe..Well, thank goodness i didt sit behind...huhuhuhu...XD

This is what happen when u didt check ur vehicle before u depart...haizz..btw its stupid bastard pathetic EDARAN that waste my time sitting outside waiting for the next trip bus..arhhhh!!! Damn piss off!!! Dah la I havent touch my biochem report which gonna pass up on the next day...haizzz....damn pathetic..lolx

While waiting for the next bus....damn BORING~!!!

And guess what is this tree....Its rambutan tree..just behind me is a fruit orchard....damn big...but pity...not fruits to eat...(means stealing)...lolx

At the same time...few minutes after the bus broke down...there is a car accident just about 50m from us. I think the driver looking at me when he/she pass by....IM HANDSOME KUA!!!!..wakakaka

In just 10mins, this is way happen along the highway before Slim River Toll...lalala...the feng sui that day not really good or its just my fault...haizzz..I know im handsome..thats why everyone have to stop by to see me...LOLX...XD

Well...my journey continue when the next bus reach and fetch us back...hehehe..but only 4 ppl are allow to sit the bus...WTH!!!! Well first come first serve..lolx....Without wasting anytime (its already 7.15pm that time), I take my bags and fight for the sits...XD

Few days before come back to Kampar, I read the news about Yasmin Ahmad (director for Sepet, Gubra, Talentime and some locat advertisements) that she been admitted to hospital...in my heart that time say "Hopefully she will recover soon bcs i wanna watch the talentime", which i think gonna be in local cinemas this coming August.

On Sunday itselfs when I go to church (which is fall on St Anne Day), im praying that she will recover soon...haizz..God loves her more...may her soul rest in peace....

God loves her more...God bless u Yasmin...Gonna miss you!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Well...life goes on...hehehehe Now go back few days before go back to malacca..hehehehe Guess what???????? DURIAN SEASON......MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE FRUIT.....THE FRUIT KING (DURIAN)!!!!

~enjoying the durian..yum yum~

Faster open it...cant wait!!!!!!

Plus, on the next few days which is Sunday, we went to WATERFALL!!! Really enjoy my life....hehehe

Btw there is one case happen in Westlake...maid abuse...pity Eileen...

She begging for mercy!!!!! HEEEELLLPPPP!!!!!...LOLX

OK..thats all for tonight peeps..hehe..might be update around next week or this weekend...Goodnitezzzz~~~~~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ThE CollECTions..^_^

Huuu~~ Its been damned long didt update my blog..currently busy with reports, tests and now is midterm...soon the most scariest subject i fear most..Principles of Biotech..haizz..during the class i dunno what the crap Dr Choo talking about...lolx

Well..yesterday i just had my Management Principles midter..kinda ok la..cukup2 makan aja..XD.
After that im soo damn happy and my burden lifted nia..kekeke....but still im endorsed my friends that gonna take Human Resource and Principles of Biotech together on the same day..wow..gambateh ya...hohohoho...all the best!!!

Btw...since my junior Rajiv...always complaining about me didt update my blog...

Rajiv: Oi!! Ur blog didt update r? No need to update d la..close ur blog la..so long didt do blogging!!

Well Mr Rajiv..since u got plenty of time updating ur blog..im busy with my "stuff" k...no need ur opinion whether gonna up update my blog not..XD....I punya suka la..hahaha..lolx

Back on track..since from last sem..im have been collecting some of my favourite stuff...insects..hehe....Well...I had found kinda interesting insects here..huhuhu

Well very sienzz right now..haiz..talking crap only here..hehe..

*my surgery kit..XD

*preparing to disect la~~ hahaha..~evilish

* in da formaline...huhuhu..smells nice..hehe

Well...i had these stuff my uncle (got my own resource k ~.~)

*after disecting..get ready to stick it on my plain walls..hehe

~special insect..forgot its name...

well..thats all for my block..sure the my rajiv gonna said its LAME~~~well who care..XD..