Friday, May 15, 2009

~Holiday - Langkawi~

Exam over~~~ wohooo!!! But my final sucks..Well , what can i do..Its over..

To ease my feeling, me and my group to Langkawi for holiday ( already plan one month earlier). Im very exited when hear about it but since my pocket money just enought for this sem so I spend all my ptptn money..(bankrupt jor lor) huhuhu..

Before that, during exam week I celebrate my friends birthday!! Alice and Eric Tiew/Teow/Teo..sorry I forgot ur maiden name wei..keke

Here are some of the pics from the surprised birthday party jor!!!

Her car kena spray!!

This is our ~Alice~
The girlzzz

This is what we have done to her car
Fione been bullied ~ pity her

Unbelievable ~Peiz and Fiona carry Kenny wei!!!

This is Eric pulak!!

Been spray by at least 6 ppl and with the cream cakes..kekeke

Our cute Allias..

OK!!! Now back to the holiday...hehehe..Im really glad and happy that I when to Langkawi because this is the northest place that I had been since Penang last year.

We took 1045 train from Kampar but been delayed for another 15 minutes and stuck in the train about 9 hours to reach Arau. While waiting for the train, we hang out at the station there and fool around since no entertainment..keke

While on the train i took some nice sleeping pics of them..keke and with extra from mother during lecture..i forgot to post her last blog.

All kind of posses from mother

This is me..sleeping while showing my middle finger (read HP book until finish)

Others in the train

Well there are alot of pics during the trip but u all can check it out can my FB.

Kinda tired during the fist day..have to wait check in at 12 noon. So we lepak for awhile and refill our rent car (very chiplak) go around the island. After we check in, we go out to twon for our dinner and so do some survey of chocs and liquors. Well tell prices abit cheap only lor..bcs most of the stuff from outstation..

Second day we go for island trip andcable car..During that time I wonder if I afraid for when reached at the bridge between two hills, guess what?


When I walk at the bridge, I feel the bridge wanna go down bcs of the strong wind wei..some the bridge kinda shaky abit and the side walk kinda unbalance..pretty scary..huhu (if think back my leg feel luan r) hohoho!!! As for out island trip, we got alot of fund and see the eagles there eating the baits prepared by our tour guide.

After that we go to jetty for our dinner (Kenny Rojers). At night pulak we play ''daun terup'' and during the whole game I had lost most of it (kena bully kao kao - do some stupid acts such as dance caca, whisper at ppl ear said that I got this number and etc)

On the last day, we go SHOPPING!!!! Dozens of chocs they all buy except me even Im chocs maniac...kekeke.

Ok thats all I wanna say about my wonderful trip to Langkawi..will be update soon if anything interesting happen during this sem break!!! ADIOS!!


David said...

Your blog is soooo cool! But too bad it doesn't have comments. =(

Anyways, what a fun trip of Langkawi. :)

KJSC said...

tidur je choong sok nee

~eRiC~ said...

Eh, aku nak those videos lar... Sok nee funny.haha