Saturday, July 26, 2008

do i have choice,
thy he make future for me but im the one make the choice,
its so difficult...
the past and the presence make me feel annoying,
which one should i choose...

she or she or she or she,
i have to decide which is the best,,
i just get to know the surface... but deep down there i did not how was it,
whether its cold or warm or gentle or hard...

their face like sunshine and sunset,
the clouds , mountains and wind is their element,
which beautify the scenery ,
their beauty is beyond understanding...
somehow, somewhere it cannot be describe as much i can..

they light up my light like the candle of hope, future and happiness,
the lit is so warm and it must be preserve,
its untouchable and must be protected with full strength and perseverence...
and so it will last longer even you gone...

in life, its like the wind blow the lit..
the light off.
someone must light it up so that it will light up and colour your world..
dont be sad because of the light is off.. be happy that you will begin a new life..
the light that have just been light up is like changing your old cloth..
somehow its paradox and genesis of life.
And so the choice is its your hand to mold your future.

1 comment:

David said...

Life wouldn't that much choice if you have the concrete answer for it!! Keep it up!